Cordless rotary hammers

GBH 18V-45 C Professional

Cordless Rotary Hammer BITURBO with SDS max

GBH 18V-45 C

Cordless freedom with corded performance – the heavy-duty all-rounder for concrete drilling and chiselling up to 45 mm.

  • Cordless freedom with corded performance thanks to BITURBO Brushless technology.
  • Lighter than comparable corded products thanks to a highly optimized drive train, even with attached ProCORE18V 12.0Ah battery
  • KickBack Control for reduced hazard of sudden tool reactions and Soft Start EPC & ASC for a comfortable and precise work process.
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Functions & key features

Simply.Connected. – Simply.Efficient. thanks to tool personalisation and information
Reduces the hazard of sudden tool reactions in binding conditions thanks to automatic shut-down of the tool
Comfortable working thanks to low vibration by adding rubber mounting/foam padding to the handles
 Soft start as the load and torque of the motor are temporarily reduced during start-up.
Direct tool feedback and setting adjustments thanks to the integrated user interface and connectivity features.

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  • in carrying case with accessory set, Bluetooth module
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GBH 18V-45 C Professional

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in carrying case with accessory set, Bluetooth module

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Technical data

The most important data

Impact energy (according to EPTA 05/2016)* 12.5
Impact rate at rated speed* 0 – 2,760 bpm
Rated speed* 0 – 305 rpm
Battery voltage* 18.0 V
Weight excl. battery* 8
Tool holder SDS max
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GBH 18V-45 C Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The GBH 18V-45 C Professional rotary hammer delivers cordless freedom with corded performance. Its new high-performance brushless motor and the new ProCORE18V batteries provide 12.5 Joules of impact energy with enough power for even the most demanding SDS max applications. At the same time a highly optimised drive train leads to a significant reduction in the weight of the GBH 18V-45 C; this makes it lighter than comparable corded products, even with an attached ProCORE18V 12.0 Ah battery. In addition to the overload clutch, the GBH 18V-45 C offers KickBack Control, which senses sudden loss of tool control. In case of e.g. a canted drill it instantly shuts the cordless rotary hammer down in order to minimize hand and arm injuries.

Equipment & Application

The rotary hammer is perfect for drilling and chiselling in concrete, stone, rock, and brickwork and is compatible with all Bosch Professional 18 V batteries and chargers (Professional 18V System). For maximum power use with a ProCORE18V ≥ 5.5 Ah battery.

Additional Information

It features KickBack Control to reduce the hazard of sudden tool reactions in binding conditions thanks to automatic shut-down of the tool in addition to Soft Start technologies Electronic Precision Control and Adaptive Speed Control for comfortable and precise work processes whilst drilling and chiselling. An intelligent user interface with Bluetooth connectivity helps to avoid unexpected work interruptions and allows instant updates and individualized tool settings.

* You can find more information about the deviations in the following link: Technical features of products