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PRO360 is your free, convenient and efficient access portal for numerous services from Bosch Professional. Register once and then benefit from all current and future services, e.g. the free extension of your tool warranty up to 6 years!

What are the advantages of PRO360?


Warranty extension up to 6 years free of charge. Complete overview of your inventory list. And in future, a lot more services to increase your efficiency. Stay tuned.

Manual asset registration

Assets from Bosch Professional and other manufacturers can be added to the asset list by manually entering the asset data (brand, product number/name, optionally category and serial number).

Asset registration via type plate scan

Bosch Professional assets can be added to the asset list via type plate scan. To do this, the type plate of the asset must be scanned with the smartphone camera via the PRO360 mobile app. The asset data is automatically captured and the asset is added to the asset list.

Asset bulk-registration via list import

Several assets from Bosch Professional and other manufacturers can be added to the asset list at once by uploading an inventory list. To do this, a list template must first be downloaded from PRO360, into which the asset data is then inserted. By uploading the list in the desktop version of PRO360, the assets with associated asset data are added to the asset list.

Registration of 3 years guarantee

For Bosch Professional tools, batteries and chargers, the guarantee period can be extended to 3 years in just a few steps in PRO360. The guarantee certificate is saved in the app so that it can be downloaded in the event of a guarantee claim.

Joint asset list management by customer and dealer

Asset lists created by the dealer can be shared with the owner of the assets in just a few steps. The assets registered by the dealer can then also be viewed and managed at the customer's account. The prerequisite is that the customer has a PRO360 account.

Assign access rights to employees

Employees with a PRO360 account can be added to a company account. This allows them to view asset lists and make changes based on their assigned role.

Enter location to assets

Individual locations, such as construction sites, can be added to the assets during the registration process as well as afterwards and changed at any time. Assets can be found via the location using the search function.

Assign assets to employees

Assets can be assigned to an employee in a company account. This makes it possible to see at any time which employee is using or managing which asset. Assets can be accessed via the assigned employees using the search function.

Enter individual notes to assets

Individual notes can be added to the assets during the registration process as well as afterwards and can be changed at any time.

Enter inventory numbers for assets

The assets are automatically assigned an inventory number during the registration process. This number can also be customized individually. Assets can found via the assigned inventory number using the search function.

Upload invoice to assets

The invoice for the assets can be uploaded during the registration process as well as afterwards (in JPEG, PNG and PDF, max. 10 MB). In case of guarantee or service, all required documents are stored in one place.

Set availability status of assets

An availability status can be set manually for the assets (available, taken, in repair, broken, stolen, unknown).

Link to the official spare parts shop

On the asset detail pages, the official spare parts for the asset can be viewed and obtained via the linked spare parts shop.

Set-up custom tasks

Tasks can be set up for the assets, such as maintenance or cleaning of the assets with deadlines and reminders. These can also be repeated on individually defined dates. They can be created and edited in just a few steps using the PRO360 mobile or desktop app.

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Even more convenient is the PRO360 App with integrated camera scan for an even simpler warranty extension.

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