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Information on the Mobility System from Bosch

The Bosch Mobility System includes various cases and toolboxes:

  • L-BOXX 102
  • L-BOXX 136
  • L-BOXX 238
  • L-BOXX 374
  • LS-BOXX 306
  • LT-BOXX 170
  • LT-BOXX 272
  • i-BOXX 53
  • i-BOXX 72
  • LS-Tray 92

All of the components can be clicked together, making them extremely robust. This means that the L-BOXX carrying cases can bear loads of up to 100 kg.

Our extensive range not only includes cases and toolboxes but also a range of different inlays for our power tools. In addition, we offer a solution for small items, such as screws, nuts and discs. You can fit the L-BOXX 102 or the i-BOXX carrying cases with small inset boxes. This means that you can always keep track of even your small items.

To make sure that your L-BOXX cases are always simple and quick to transport, our mobility system also includes an aluminium caddy and an L-BOXX roller.

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