Measuring Wheel
GWM 32 Professional

with Protective Bag

The lightweight, handy measuring wheel


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Technical data

The most important data

Wheel diameter (circumference) 318.5 mm (1 m)
Max. measured value 9999.9 m
Handle Telescopic handle
Material Aluminium
Measurement accuracy ±1 dm/100 m
Weight 1.4 kg


The lightweight, handy measuring wheel

  • Ergonomic pistol grip and lightweight aluminium construction for ease of use
  • Telescopic shaft with continuously variable height adjustment for more flexibility and comfort
  • Die-cast aluminium wheel with robust rubber tread for use on any surface


GWM 32 Diameter 32 cm Wheel diameter 32 cm
GWM 32 Weight 1.4 kg Weight 1.4 kg
GWM 32 Yardage 1m Circumference 1 m
GWM 32 Measurement Maximum measured value 9999.9 m

Scope of supply

with Protective Bag

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  • Protective Bag