Cordless caulk guns

GCG 18V-600 Professional

Cordless Caulk Gun

GCG 18V-600

Bosch’s 1st Cordless Caulk Gun: 100% compatible with all Bosch Professional 18 V batteries

  • Easy control of material flow: Speed selection with 9 speed settings and variable speed trigger
  • Fast working progress even with high viscosity adhesives: 3.5 kN push force combined with a maximum (no load) feed of 8 mm/sec
  • No dripping or material overflow: Plunger rod auto-reverse function relieves pressure when trigger is released
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Capacity Cartridge 300/400 ml
Capacity Sachet 300/400/600 ml
Maximum push force 3.5 kN
No material ovewflow thanks to no-drip function - rack will pull back automatically when the trigger is released
Easy and precise control of the RPM thanks to variable speed

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GCG 18V-600 Professional

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Professional 18V System.
Ultimate performance.
Maximum freedom.
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Technical data

The most important data

Battery voltage 18
Push Force 3.5
Capacity Cartridges 310, 400
Capacity Sachets 400, 600
Feed rate 8
Weight excl. battery 2.2
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GCG 18V-600