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Thanks to 85 years of in-depth expertise,
a special NitroDur process and extreme testing
give NitroDur Boschhammers proven durability.

It’s in your hands. Bosch Professional.

Totally unstoppable.
Totally unstoppable.

Craftsmen need a tool that won’t quit. And Bosch Professional is offering exactly that dependable durability with the NitroDur Boschhammers. Our special NitroDur process provides extra hardened components for maximal durability.

Extensive lab and live testing in a range of different test scenarios guarantees these tools are built to be truly tough. And 85 years of Boschhammer know-how and in-depth expertise are the strong foundation for developing and producing tools and technology you know you can count on.

Discover our NitroDur Boschhammer range:
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Unit L-61,
Hugo Johnstone Drive,
New Zealand

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