Wire wheel

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Part number 2 608 622 009
Barcode 3165140036009
  • Wire wheel – crimped wire, brass-coated
  • Ideal for removing annealing colour on welded seams.
  • Suitable for light to medium duty cleaning work on small surfaces, in grooves or on edges on metal or non-ferrous metal, such as removing rust, roughing, matt sanding, paint stripping, working on wood.
  • Advantage: corrosion protection provided by brass-coated wire.
Diameter mm 75
Wire thickness mm 0.2
Max. speed rpm 4,500
Brush width mm 10
Securing Straight shank
Material Crimped wire, brass coated
Straight shank diameter mm 6
Machine type for drills
Depth mm 35
Width mm 85
Height mm 127
Packaging type Paper / Cardboard / Corrugated board - Packaging, folded carton, with Euro hole
Pack quantity 1
Minimum order quantity 1
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