Bosch - Handles for impact drills

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Technical data

Product text, Accessories grey PQ, pcs Part number

Handle for impact drills
Appropriate for GBH 2-23 RE; GBH 2-24; GBH 24 V; GBH 24 VF; GBH 24 VFR; GBH 24 VRE; GBN 2 SE/SR; GSB 16 RE; GSB 18-2; GSB 18-2 RE; GSB 20-2; GSB 20-2 RCE; GSB 20-2 RE; GSB 20-2 RET; GSB 22; GSB 22-2 RCE; GSB 22-2 RE Professional; PBH 20


2 602 025 120

Pack quantity (PQ): Content of the sales package of a part number in pieces.

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