BIM-TiN segment saw blade ACI 65 AB Multi Material

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Part number 2 608 661 759
Barcode 3165140582247
  • ACI 65 AB
  • BIM-TiN segment saw blade Multi Material, flat
  • NEW: Long Life + 30% longer lifetime thanks to titanium coating
  • Suitable for working in corners
  • Cutting recesses in epoxy/glass fibre reinforced plastic (e.g. dashboard in a boat)
  • Cutting sheet metal up to approx. 1 mm (e.g. for cutouts in body sheet)
  • Removing old window putty
Diameter [mm] 65
Packaging type Combined cardboard / plastic packaging, folding blister, with Euro hole
Pack quantity 1
Minimum order quantity 1
New for OCS/Print false
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